Embrace Athletic Apparel

Embrace Athletic Apparel LLC was founded in 2017 but became an LLC in the fall of 2020. It is a Boston, Massachusetts based business. The vision is to create stylish quality brand of clothing for practitioners and trainers and promote exercise, and creativity to help enhance an individuals life. The Embrace logo is symbolic of the Yin Yang posture representing balance and becoming one with self and the universe. The posture in the logo is  universally recognized as a meditation posture within the internal arts such as Baguazhang and Tai Chi. The principles derived from the Yin/Yang symbol are applicable to all athletes because everyone benefits from balance. Check out our Just Relax line as well. Embrace Athletic Apparel also will be promoting clothing from The Katonda Studios LLC. Embrace Athletic Apparel LLC and Katonda Studios LLC will be marketing their up and coming comic universe on clothing items. Their first project will b a comic book based on the character Yusef Hawkins aka Iron Dragon. “EMBRACE THE MOMENT”